About Us

Jodeen Mikkelsen, President, Spellbinders Conference, LLC

An avid reader and part time writer for many years, at the urging of James Strauss, Jodeen started Spellbinders to create a venue that brings writers of every ilk together. Having been in the Graphic Arts industry for many years, she was impressed how the companies came together sharing information, cross promoting each other, and formed a remarkable set up of user groups, trade shows, and industry events to help others enter the market. Why not do the same for writers? Whether they write books, movies, or television shows, all writer’s face the same problems with an ever changing environment, shifting trends, new publishing methods, advancing technologies, and learning to change from one media to another. Spellbinders will let Jodeen achieve her goal of providing support, education, stimulation, insight, and resources to published and unpublished authors.

Jodeen is from Minnesota, but lived in Denmark for 12 years, where she married and had her family. She currently divides her time between Lake Geneva Wisconsin and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. She has traveled extensively and her experiences along with her three children, and granddaughter, enable her to find inspiration in the world around her to write and blog about!

Hanley Kanar, Conference Manager, Spellbinders, LLC

A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa, Hanley Kanar is a college English teacher, a writer, an editor and a conference organizer, first with the Love is Murder conference in Chicago and now with Spellbinders.

Hanley lives in Chicago with her husband, dog and two cats. She is currently writing a memoir. Hanley’s communication and writing skills make her a perfect fit with Spellbinders, and we feel very  lucky to have her with us!

Nicole McClearn-Sanchez, Executive Coordinator, Spellbinders, LLC

Nicole is a producer, video editor, graphic artist and writer who has worked for both television stations and production companies.  She is an Emmy winner and five-time nominee. As a new mom, she spends a lot of time chasing her very busy one-year old. In her down time, she is writing a book on motherhood, blogs for “Chicago Now” and freelance edits.

Spellbinders Conference is very pleased to have scored Nicole for our team!

Spellbinder’s Mission Statement

Spellbinder’s Mission is to promote the creative art of writing and the reading and viewing of Writer’s Work as entertainment as well as education. Spellbinders promotes the belief that writers help us understand the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in life. Television, Film and Books are the essential catalysts to inspire and empower their audiences to have a voice and to use it. The knowledge conveyed helps bring about the changes that are needed in our society.

Technology enables writers to reach readers and viewers, and build audiences for their work and platforms, for their ideas faster and more easily than ever. It also provides more ways for them to get their books published and their screenplays read. Understanding this technology and using it to their best advantage is essential for writers to get their work published. Spellbinders goal is to provide support, educational information, and resources to published and unpublished authors.